Maciek - cycling photographer


I’m Maciek. My journey with photography started back in 2012, when I launched my wedding photography business mtstudio_weddings

Since then, photography has taken me to many exciting places, and I have worked with some fantastic people improving my reportage photography skills during weddings and events while mastering my abilities to shoot in natural light. Back in 2017, I opened a photography studio in Oxford – Oxford Atelier. It helped me to learn new skills and immerse myself in the studio photography world by learning how to work with lighting and in the studio environment.


I have been into cycling all my life, and I think there is no better way of . The real bug, however, started back in early 2017 when together with two other friends I cycled from Oxford to Poland to improve little Olivia’s life, the daughter of a friend who was born with spina bifida. A short video from the trip kindly sponsored by Canyon. Since then, there hasn’t been a week when I haven’t ridden my bike. Cycling has given me a lot – from a basic understanding of my body to meeting incredible friends for life.